Transfer, Pindahan, and Alih Jenjang Students

University of Muhammadiyah Malang is basically available for students coming from other universities both domestics and overseas students of the same study program to study at the UMM. Enrolment for the students is conducted in every begining of the odd and even semester. Students are required to write an application to UMM Rector enclosed with academic transcrip from the university of origin, a letter signed by the Dean/Director of the university of origin stating the status of the students, and reason of moving. Students whose applications are accepted require to meet the administrative duties of the UMM and accept the study loads which must be taken at the UMM through equivalence process. Number of equivalence credits and subject convertion are determined by the chief of department where the students want to study at, based on the current curriculum. Graduation with honors as stated on the clause 14 is not available for them. In addition, regulation on transfer is set using a Rector's Decree. 

Besides, the University of Muhammadiyah Malang is also available for Diploma III Program students from other universities both public and private universities in the same study program for undergraduate program at UMM by considering capacity and curriculum compatibility. The study period for the students are 7 years minus year of study at the university of origin. The admission on the subject had previously taken at the university of origin is decided by the chief of the department/study program. meanwhile, the procedure and admission requirements are based on the Clause 45 of the regulation except there an institutional cooperation.

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