Diploma Program

Diploma program is a professional or vocational program that prepares its graduates to have ability and skills in certain areas. The students are required to finish the Diploma program after finishing at least 110 credits for six semesters. The first two semesters, the students have to finish at least 40 credits. These semesters are called as Preparation semesters. Then, they have to continue to four semesters Diploma program and finish at least 70 credits.

Diploma III students are allowed to continue their study if they meet the following requirements:


  • By the end of the second semester, they have finished 18 credits with GPA ≥ 2.0 of 4.0 scale, without score E.
  • By the end of the fourth semester, they have finished all subjects for first and second semester with GPA ≥ 2,0 without score D.

They will graduate from the Diploma program if they finish all study program with GPA ≥ 2,0 without scores D and E with minimum time of ten semesters. They are considered drop out if they cannot meet the requirements.

Currently UMM diploma level education as follows:
  1. D3 Management of Financial and Banking
  2. D3 Electrical Engineering
  3. D3 Nursing

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